Ernakulam Women's Association
What is Women's Association?
The Ernakulam Women’s Association was founded by a group of progressive minded women in the erstwhile princely state of Cochin under the leadership of Smt. Parukutty Nethiyaramma. The Association which came into existence on 15th January, 1919, still maintains its stature and importance as the only cosmopolitan organization which has survived the vicissitudes of time. The prestigious Association building was inaugurated by Lady Mountbatten in 1947.

The motto of the Association is "Abhinjayosha Bhuvanasya Booshanam” which means that "An enlightened Woman is an ornament for the world".

One of the pioneer women’s association in Cochin, we are carrying out a host of welfare activities for the benefit of mankind its special emphasis on the social, cultural, intellectual, economic growth of the women & children.

A Govt. aided nursery school consisting of L.K.G & U.K.G has been functioning since 1954.

A crèche cum play school started in 1988 is very popular as it provides succour to working women. We make the initial learning experience fun for kids through play &games.

Our prestigious project SRADHA School for children with special needs & learning disabilities as started in 1989. Our trained teachers & volunteers attend to these special kids who are given vocational training too.

The “A” grade library recognized by Kerala Grandashala Sangham is the second best in Cochin, the first being the Govt. Public Library.

EWA is active in the consumer awareness and guidance movement in this area.

The EWA is an institutional member of the People’s Council for Social justice & conducts legal awareness programmes.

The Association is to the affiliated to AIWC.

There are recreational facilities for members. And the Association conducts interschool competitions for students on a regular basis.
List of beneficiaries for the year 2014-15 of Sradha School
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Income Tax Commissioner of Kochi Smt. Susie Varghese