Ernakulam Women's Association
Ernakulam Women's Association is  located in the heart of the city on Dewans Road, which is a walking distance from MG Road. This makes it ideal for ladies from across the city to avail of the facilities that we provide.

Some of the facilities available at Ernakulam Womens Association are listed below.
Our  Library was started in the year 1954. Our  Library boasts an impressive collection of books and periodicals.It is the recipient of an annual grant from the Granthshala.

The membership fee for Association members - Rs. 310

The membership fee for non - members           - Rs. 810
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Four Exhibition / Conference / Party Halls
The central location of Ernakulam Women's Association makes it ideal for conducting parties and conferences. It also offers visibility to those looking to conduct sales or exhibitions.
Cards Room
This room always has an active number of participants who enjoy the various games played, and are always willing to welcome new players.
Scrabble Room
This brainteaser has several takers among the members; many of whom are excellent players; and would welcome a challenge from a newcomer.
Playschool and Day care
The  Government aided nursery school has been functioning since 1954. The crèche cum play school is heavily patronized; and is usually full to capacity.This is providing  an essential service to working mothers in particular. The school offers free tution, since the main focus is on children from economically weaker sections.
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Sradha was started in 1990 with just five children. This school today has 40 students, seven teachers, three helpers, one driver and some volunteers. Apart from basic education and training, the children are provided physiotherapic and psychiatric treatments.

Sradha would like to bring more children under its wings.But this means larger staff, increased facilities, better teaching aid, improved service. All this needs one crucial input: Finance. This school operates a van to pick up the children from their homes  and to drop them back, since these children are not comfortable using public transport. The present ven has to run 100 kms every day through all sorts of roads. This is where magnanimous and socially conscious people like you can be of immense help.Your noble gesture will mean a new lease of life for children punished for no fault of theirs. Please donate generously and join us in liberating these children of a lesser God.
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